My name is Naemi and I am the artist and owner of naekobo ceramics based in London, Hackney. 

“nae 苗" which means “sprout”, and “kobo 工房" meaning “workshop”, together carry the meaning of ‘a space where ideas and objects come alive - a perpetually growing state’

Soft shapes and sensorial textures play a predominant part in my work, as well as my love for perceived incompleteness - pieces are given room to organically crack, and I score and roughen the surfaces combined with smoothing and refining, allowing a unique character of each piece to come through. Having grown up in Sweden in an Indian-Japanese home, a diverse appreciation for aesthetics throughout cultural contexts has shaped my perceptions of harmony, while being attentive to modern and functional aspects of day-to-day products. 

Coming from a background in apparel product development and design, I was drawn to ceramics in 2017, when turning towards a slower, more sustainable and contemplative, one-(wo)man practice. 2018-19 was a formative period in my development as a ceramicist when I trained as a potter within a ceramic collective in Kyoto, Japan. 

All pieces are made in stoneware, and each piece is individually thrown on a potter’s wheel.